Postman’s Park #Poem – @SoundCloud #audiobook

I wrote this poem while I was writing and exploring themes for Unbroken Line, the play what I wrote.

Postman’s Park is a cemetery in the middle of London where there is a wall dedicated to those who died saving others. Not uniformed people, just people, sometimes passing strangers. There are little stories that accompany the plaques which are touching and sad. It’s in the centre of The City (it’s very close to St Paul’s Cathedral) and a very busy shopping area. Some people sit in the park to find quiet amidst the blur of activity.

Postman’s Park Poem by jamiezoob #np on #SoundCloud

One thought on “Postman’s Park #Poem – @SoundCloud #audiobook

  1. tamsinhaggis says:

    There is no doubt that Jamie Zubairi has a cool voice….

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