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Total Voiceovers, #TotalWarThreeKingdoms

Over the past year I have been working with Creative Assembly, a gaming company in Horsham who produce a number of platform and strategy games in the ‘Warhammer’ and ‘Total War’ series.

I’m probably on an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) as to what I can say about it, but as the release day is today, I thought I’d better write up about my experience. You’ve all seen the character trailers. When they first dropped, it didn’t hit me initially that my character was actually one of the main characters! It’s pretty massive for me!



Thankfully, doing game voices is not a new thing for me, as I’ve got a pretty good history of doing game voices from Just Cause II to James Bond: Bloodstone. One is due out soon called Doragon Kuesuto XI which sounds suspiciously like something else. I wonder what that could be…? As you can see from my IMDB, it’s pretty cool that I’ve done all these character voices for video games. What’s cool about this, and working with Nick Gratwick who directed me, and Pete Stewart who wrote the script at Creative Assembly, is that it’s one of the lead characters, so the voice is going to be pretty recognisable throughout the game. That’s making me so stoked with excitement!

Have you played any of the other Total War Series? Which is your favourite?

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 16.24.46

screenshot of the trailer  ©CreativeAssembly

I love this aspect of game voice acting. The changing of not just the accent I normally speak with, but also where the voice is coming from (or where am I “placing” it) in my head or chest or throat, what textures am I using? Different to much of the radio drama that I have done, but still using those acting skills. Different because you sometimes don’t get a total script, sometimes it’s just your speeches. As the person in the booth you do have to rely on your imagination. Thankfully, that, combined with the director’s knowledge of what the writer is doing with these (sometimes) disjointed lines of text, it they made it easy for me, it felt that it was really a collaborative effort. Yes, it may be my voice, the character that I’m creating, but the understanding of where these lines happen, what these lines need to do, that is the writer and director. Working with both Nick and Pete is great. It was often just Nick and myself in the studio, but usually at the start of the sessions, Pete would be in, helping more with context.


In the studio with Nick Gratwick (director) and Peter Stewart (writer)

I hope you enjoy Total War: Three Kingdoms. I’m sure the wait was worth it! Let me know what you think of the new platforms. I’d like to hear from you.

#EGXRezzed Panel

Check the link in the tweet above!

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak on a panel of voiceactors about our experience at EGX, a games convention at Tobacco Dock in London. Talking about how we started and how we work. To be honest I was fairly newbie compared to the women voices on the panel – Amelia Tyler who is famous for various roles as well as donning a MoCap suit and doing that section of the job too! Also Samantha Béart, another seasoned character voiceactor for games.  Really exciting to be on that panel! And Sally Beaumont (who got me on the panel).

Dave Gilbert, who directs games chaired the panel and was able to ask us questions about what we do. I’m afraid I had much too much fun laughing to give cohesive answers.

The full session is below but in the link to the tweet above are all the funny bits that Amelia Tyler edited together.

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#Vampyr – a mention in a review


Vampyr ©Dontnot Entertainment

I found this little mention for my role as Rakesh in Vampyr! How nice to be mentioned!

“Let’s talk about the voice acting shall we?

I loved the attention to detail that Dontnod has provided players. The characters who are from different countries are actually voiced correctly. The idea of wandering accents is not an issue in Vampyr like is often the case in many movie productions. Characters portrayed by actors are well done and thought out properly. Even the writing of the different characters is done brilliantly.

First, Jonathan Reid is voice acted by a man named Anthony Howell, a British actor who has done roles in other games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Horizon Zero Dawn. And he’s no stranger to vampires either, because he play Lord Laurent in the 2013 TV series Dracula. (I’m actually still salty they cancelled the show after only one season. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS).

Jamie Zubairi plays the voice of Rakesh, and he was born in the UK although he grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While his acting credits [are] shorter than some of the other voice actors in the game, Mr. Zubairi was hired for games like James Bond 007: Bloodstone and Just Cause 2. 
While there is a decent cast for the various characters in Vampyr, many of the actors are from England – a detail that goes a long way in creating an immersive video game experience. Though, birth in a particular country does not mean that other actors could not have taken on roles. All I’m saying is the use of primarily British actors delivers a captivating and realistic story.

Each character is tailored perfectly to portray different types of people from their sexual orientation right down to their social standing and temperament. These characters are voice acted in a manner that fits the story and the time period well enough that it’s quite noticeable to keen observers.

I absolutely love every bit of the sound and music used in Vampyr. I especially love the casting choices for the characters in the game. ”


You can read the whole article by Susan N here!

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Inspector Chen

Daniel York Loh, Jamie Zubairi, Dan Li and Sarah Lam, regular cast members of Inspector Chen


Inspector Chen is a fictional police detective who has risen in the ranks of the Special Case Bureau in Shanghai because of his unusual way of solving cases. He was a poet and academic before becoming a police inspector and his commentary on China, post-Tiananmen, combined with his love for classical Chinese text as well as knowledge of modern Western poets, makes for a very popular and enlightening read. The series of books were written by Qiu Xiaolong, a Chinese writer living in the US. The BBC have dramatised all 9 of them for radio drama, now available through Audible. I was lucky enough to have played Chen for them. We’re about to embark on the 10th book. Here is a link to the recording session at the BBC of Series 3 (books 7-9)


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