Bio: Jamie Zubairi (or “Zooby” to his friends and voiceover buddies) is a British born Anglo-Malay voiceover artist with over 11 years experience in the voiceover business after many years of being in the acting business. He is one of the few completely bi-lingual Malay and English voiceovers working in London.

Famously his voice was one of the station identifiers on Al-Jazeera in English in their launch year and did regular continuity for them up until 2008. On the BBC, he plays Inspector Chen in the crime drama ‘Inspector Chen Mysteries‘, a radio drama for BBC Radio 4 based on the 10 book series by Qiu Xiaolong.

In the gaming world, he voices a few characters in Dragon Quest XI, Vampyr and plays the central character of Cao Cao in Sega’s Total War: 3 Kingdoms.

He continues to voice for corporate and commercials around the world, sometimes from his home studio in London.

Doing what I love best

2 thoughts on “About

  1. John Florian says:

    Hi Jamie,

    It’s great to learn about you, and congratulations on an excellent blog about translations. May I reprint this on VoiceOverXtra (www.VoiceOverXtra.com), with your byline, photo and an editor’s note about you? Thanks for considering it, and best wishes,
    PS: My direct email is: JohnFlorian@VoiceOverXtra.com

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